January 16, 2019

Microsoft forges strategic alliance with Walgreens to take on AWS in the cloud race

With this partnership, Microsoft will be helping Walgreens gain personalized data about their customer’s health to facilitate customized nutrition and wellness solutions.

Tech mogul Microsoft have entered into a strategic partnership with healthcare firm Walgreens to provide customized wellness solutions. This move, which is an answer to AWS’ acquisition of PillPack for USD 1 billion in June last year, aims to take on their cloud rival in the healthcare segment.

According to Microsoft, healthcare as a segment is booming and its reliance on technology and the cloud specifically, is increasing. They say that enterprises in this segment need the cloud to not only manage workloads but also to store and assess data to draw insights, patterns and intelligence.

By partnering with Walgreens for seven years, Microsoft claim that they will become the official cloud providers of the healthcare company. They say that Walgreens will be now able to lower healthcare costs, customize solutions according to data analysis and engage with loyal customers.

Walgreens claim that the partnership will give Microsoft a much-needed boost to compete with the likes of AWS and Alibaba globally. They say that this partnership speaks volumes about Microsoft as a competitive organization that would rather dive in and take chances than waiting and watching what rivals do in the market.

In closing, Microsoft said that they will be announcing some major deals in the healthcare industry soon. Here is hoping that the tussle between Microsoft and AWS intensifies, following the partnership of AWS with KPMG for cloud transformation.