August 8, 2018

Acalvio launches ‘ShadowPlex’ to protect public cloud platforms

The platform seeks to mitigate malicious activities within public cloud environments by leveraging AI and distributed deception technologies.

Cloud transformation

Global cloud provider Acalvio have launched a platform called ShadowPlex Cloud to secure customers deploying public cloud assets. With this launch, Acalvio will be leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and distributed deception technologies to monitor, detect and eradicate anomalies across public cloud environments.

According to Acalvio, cybersecurity across cloud environments needs to rise in terms of performance since enterprises deploy mission-critical workloads on them. They believe that even though the number of cyber attacks could not be stopped, there are sophisticated means by which these risks can be mitigated.

By launching ShadowPlex Cloud Platform, Acalvio say that they will be banking on AI to detect malicious activities across public cloud environments. They say that in addition to AI, they will also be leveraging distributed deception technology wherein attackers will be ambushed with an environment of baits and breadcrumbs that mix with the cloud environment naturally, only to eradicate them completely.

Speaking about the launch, Jack Poller, an industry expert and Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, commented:

As enterprises transition to the public cloud, the ability to efficiently secure all workloads in heterogeneous hybrid multi-cloud environments is increasingly important.

Acalvio is the first to offer a unified platform for public, private, and hybrid cloud deception. ShadowPlex Cloud represents a new benchmark in deception technology ease of deployment, detection efficacy, scalability, user experience and API support.