August 8, 2018

NexusTek makes three acquisitions in a row to expand nationwide footprint

The acquisition will see NexusTek extend their product portfolio with cybersecurity, cloud, and managed IT services to meet the needs of SMBs.

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IT services firm NexusTek have announced the acquisition of three enterprises namely- Cal Net Technology Group, Syndeo Technologies and Decision Consultants (DCI) in a bid to expand their national footprint. With this acquisition, NexusTek will be strengthening their product portfolio with cloud, managed IT and cybersecurity services to cater to the needs of SMBs.

According to NexusTek, small-medium enterprise segment is keen on hosting their applications and workloads on the cloud. They claim that in order to secure these workloads on the cloud, these SMBs also need managed services and cybersecurity products which gives major IT players a huge opportunity to explore the market potential.

By acquiring Cal Net, Synedo and Decision Consultants, NexusTek believe that they will be in a position to stay ahead of the competition while meeting the IT needs of SMEs. They say that this move will brand them as an all-stop-shop for managed, cloud and security requirements.

Mike Jenner, CEO at NexusTek, commented:

The alignment of NexusTek’s … cloud, cybersecurity and managed IT services with each acquired business unit creates immediate synergies and upgrades to NexusTek. In addition, NexusTek can now more easily provide top-tier IT, cybersecurity and cloud services to SMBs nationwide.

Each acquisition establishes new frontiers for our partners. When previously limited or absent from opportunities, our partners have an opportunity to showcase their products [and] services and expand with NexusTek.

In closing, NexusTek added that these acquisitions were backed by their financial partner and private equity firm Abry Partners. The IT firm have not disclosed the financial terms of the deal.