August 7, 2018

Netskope partners with Cylance to boost cloud security

The alliance aims to leverage Cylance’s AI capabilities to detect cyber threats in advance across cloud environments.

Network service provider

Cloud company Netskope will be partnering with Cylance to boost cloud security for their customers by leveraging Cylance’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. As per the terms of the deal, Cylance’s AI-driven threat detection prowess will be integrated with Netskope’s Security Cloud to mitigate cyber risks in advance across various cloud environments.

According to Netskope, cybersecurity is the number one priority for enterprises with the rising number of virus attacks. They say that businesses can’t fully protect themselves against new and unknown threats, which leaves most of their critical assets at the risk of being compromised.

By partnering with Cylance, Netskope say that they will be benefiting from the former’s added layer of security that augments robust malware detection and user-behaviour inconsistencies by leveraging AI. They say that this approach, coupled with Netskop’s Security Cloud, can accurately detect threats across all cloud environments and mitigate risks in advance.

Speaking about this alliance, Amol Kabe, Vice President of Product Management, Netskope, commented:

It’s imperative for every business to choose a smart security solution that can get ahead of and identify malicious activity before sensitive data is compromised.

By partnering with Cylance, we’re supercharging Netskope’s threat protection stack, providing customers with a single security platform that offers protection from the fast-moving cyber threat landscape with the highest efficacy in one security cloud.