October 4, 2016

SiteLock announces partnership with GMO Cloud

SiteLock will now extend its web security services to GMO Cloud customers

Last week, website security services provider SiteLock announced its partnership with GMO Cloud which is a provider for hosting and cloud computing solutions.

Through the partnership, SiteLock and GMO Cloud will together offer website security solutions to identify, fix, and prevent website vulnerabilities for GMO Cloud customers. The partnership will also provide GMO Cloud customers with access to SiteLock’s service teams for consultation regarding broader security issues.

Aoyama Mitsuru, President and CEO of GMO Cloud said :

We are very glad to announce our partnership with SiteLock.

Web security is not just an issue for big enterprises anymore. A substantial amount of SMBs are also demanding stronger web security nowadays.

With SiteLock, we will be able to offer strong, cost effective web security that meets the demands of our SMB customers.

SiteLock says that it will continue providing flexible solutions to ensure websites are running safely through malware detection, testing, automatic malware removal, web apps, firewalls and more.

Tom Serani, Executive Vice President of Business Development for SiteLock said :

We are proud to partner with GMO Cloud. We believe these integrations are a perfect fit for customers that need to keep their websites running safely and smoothly.

SiteLock has provided significant insights and services to combat security challenges impacting websites worldwide.

Through this partnership, we can continue our journey to protect and prevent future attacks.

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