June 27, 2016

Cloud-hosted services for SMEs, credit to MainOne, Intel and WhoGoHost

MainOne enters into a partnership with Whogohost and Intel to provide cloud-hosted servers for Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria.

West Africa’s leading connectivity and data center solutions company, MainOne has entered into a strategic partnership with WhoGoHost, Nigeria’s premier hosting domain provider, and Intel, the world’s leading technology company, to provide cloud-hosted servers for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.
The service is delivered through the cloud platform of MainOne’s data center company, MDX-i, which is powered by the Intel Cloud Processors..

In the press launch of the service, Senior Marketing Manager, Tayo Ashiru threw light on how the cloud-hosted services will enhance businesses in terms of efficiency, cost savings and flexibility. According to him, the service will open new doors for Nigeria’s start-ups and small businesses. He said, “There are many obstacles for businesses in Nigeria which impact their ability to scale up and maintain an online presence within the country. Our partnership with WhoGoHost, a leading web solutions company, provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services out of our Tier III certified data center, MDX-i allowing businesses to scale up on their IT needs on an on-demand basis.”

Toba Obaniyi, CEO of WhoGoHost,  said, “With the rising cost of the dollar, and the increase of local consumption, local hosting is definitely the future. This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time”. He also mentioned that his company’s vision to be the leading provider of scalable solutions for Nigeria’s start-ups and small businesses was realized through the joint partnership with MainOne and Intel.

Adim Isiakpona, Marketing and PR Manager for Intel West Africa added  “Businesses want flexibility and choice in cloud deployment models to support innovation while maintaining control of their most strategic assets. Despite a willingness to invest in modern software-defined infrastructure (SDI), businesses find the prospect of doing so themselves to be complex and time-consuming. Intel is easing the path with new processors, solid state drives and a range of industry collaborations such as this with MainOne and WhoGoHost to help businesses deliver new services at the scale and speed previously found only in the most advanced public cloud, ultimately saving cost.”

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