October 22, 2018

Zscaler extends cloud data loss prevention service with ‘Exact Data Match’

With this service, Zscaler seeks to protect loss of sensitive business data and reduce the number of false cyber alarms to zero.

data loss prevention

Cloud security provider Zscaler have announced Exact Data Match (EDM) inline with their cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services with native SSL inspection capabilities. With EDM, Zscaler seeks to extend the security prowess of its cloud platform to protect loss of sensitive business data and reduce the number of false cyber alarms to zero.

Zscaler believe that traditional DLP services at most data centers are expensive and inaccurate when it comes to notifying enterprises of cyber attacks. They claim that this discrepancy leads to lack of trust between the enterprise and the cloud/data center service provider.

By adding EDM to Zscaler’s cloud data security platform, the service provider claims that they will extend the security capabilities of Zscalar’s cloud security platform. They also claim that EDM this allow Zscaler to accurately notify enterprises about cyber attacks and help them prevent the loss of sensitive business data.

Speaking about the service, Steve House, Vice President of Product Management, Zscaler, commented:

IT organizations need better visibility into potential risks of data leakage with granular control and actionable outcomes. With the addition of EDM, our customers, in real time, can more precisely identify and protect sensitive information that could potentially leave their network — keeping the good things in, and the bad things out.

According to Zscaler, inspection and enforcement are two critical benefits provided by their EDM service to block the loss of important data. They also say that with this service, Zscaler’s customers will be able to stop the transfer of an exact match of data by matching up to a million data cells at any point and at any time.

Zscaler claim that their cloud platform had blocked an average of 800,000 SSL encrypted transactions per day containing advanced threats, earlier in May. In closing, Zscaler added that, with respect to this EDM solution, they are expecting a response similar to their integration with Microsoft for cloud security services back in June this year.