October 22, 2018

Unitas Global launches cloud connectivity solution for digital transformation

The solution seeks to provide reliable, scalable and software-defined connectivity to hundreds of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.

cloud connectivity

Enterprise cloud facilitator Unitas Global have launched a cloud connectivity solution to accelerate digital transformation. With this solution, Unitas Global aims to provide reliable, scalable and software-defined connectivity services to hundreds of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications worldwide.

According to Unitas Global, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures require a secure, dedicated and high-throughput connectivity from both premise and data centers to the cloud and its applications. They say that to make this possible, enterprises need solutions that are designed to manage and deliver end-to-end connectivity across independent cloud infrastructures.

By launching this solution, Unitas Global believe that they will allow enterprises to achieve optimal application performance by delivering managed premise-to-cloud connectivity. They say that with the cloud connectivity solution, Unitas will be able to simplify the cloud adoption experience by providing visibility into real-time location-based services and eliminating network access challenges.

Speaking about the launch, Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, commented:

Cloud is transforming traditional enterprise networks; cloud connectivity is dynamic, bursting, and ever-changing and needs to be designed and managed differently.

By delivering managed premise-to-cloud connectivity as part of our hybrid cloud solution, Unitas is eliminating the challenge of network access as an inhibitor to cloud adoption and further enabling our client’s digital adoption.

Research giant Gartner believe that the cloud market is on the rise and providers are taking initiative when it comes to fulfilling need-gaps when it comes to tools and devices. In a report, Gartner commented:

Organizations are increasingly moving their vertical-specific mission-critical applications to the cloud. Executing this action requires a well-engineered and provisioned cloud interconnect model capable of increasing the performance and reliability of these applications.

Patrons of the industry believe that cloud connectivity services will centralize the efforts of cloud providers and allow deployers to keep an eye on factors that are critical for their enterprise’s growth. It will be interesting to see the turn of events for Unitas Global with this launch, following Cyxtera and Zayo’s alliance for cloud security and connectivity.