February 12, 2018

ZeroStack expands into Singapore

The expansion seeks to meet the demand for on-premise cloud services that reduce IT overheads.

Weeks after launching their Cloud Innovation Partner Program, cloud infrastructure company ZeroStack have announced that they have expanded in South East Asia, by establishing an office at Singapore. With this expansion, ZeroStack reveal that they will be fulfilling the demand for on-premise cloud services, in a bid to reduce IT overheads for businesses.

ZeroStack say that by unveiling the center in Singapore, they will be able to cater to unmet needs of businesses in the region. They further claim that they will also continue their growth story in South East Asia by diversifying their portfolio. Explaining this in detail, Joel Norton, Director of ZeroStack Technologies Singapore, commented:

Setting up a formal business presence in Singapore is a direct reflection of the demand we are experiencing across ASEAN. Having established a presence in the region, we now have a base from which to drive and support our continued growth.

Industry analysts opine that with the Singapore expansion, ZeroStack have stepped-up the competition in the cloud services market in APAC. They also feel that with business dynamics evolving quickly in the region, cloud service providers will most likely change their pricing structures to stand out in the market. As industry onlookers, it will be interesting to watch the turn of events post this expansion.

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