January 22, 2018

ZeroStack launches Cloud Innovation Partner Program

The launch aims to provide private customers the benefits of public cloud at an affordable cost by offering control, security and performance.

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Cloud infrastructure company ZeroStack have launched Cloud Innovative Partner Program for resellers, providers and distributors in a bid to fasten customer adoption to cloud. ZeroStack have announced that they will provide customized product access, training and marketing and sales tools to customers availing this program.

According to ZeroStack, cloud migration is widespread across industries and the partnership program is a ploy to leverage this trend. They further added that the program will allow customers to save unnecessary spending on third-party cloud services that take a huge chunk out of their margins.

Explaining the benefit of the Cloud Innovation Partner Program, Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing and business development at ZeroStack said:

With our new Cloud Innovation Partner Program, our partners can work with us in a simple and predictable engagement model that presents opportunities for new revenue streams and gives our partners the opportunity to show their customers immediate ROI and drive greater partner profitability with our transformational cloud technology.

Industry analysts opine that the partnership program is a good alternative to expensive third-party cloud services and will bring customer needs to the fore. Echoing this sentiment, Linus Shi, CTO at Titan System Integration said:

We are always looking for new solutions that streamline our customers’ operations, and ZeroStack’s on-premises cloud platform unifies IT operations in a solution that is easy to deploy and requires little cloud expertise.