August 19, 2016

Yelo launches intensive test for 100G data centers

The test equipment is said to increase the capacity for testing optical components of data centers

Yelo has launched a high volume, automated test for 100G data centers along with burn-in of their optical components. The manufacturer of the test equipment claims that the new system will increase the capacity of testing optical components.

Yelo’s Director of Sales and Marketing, David Simms explained :

This means that optical component manufacturers need to scale production from 10,000 components per month to 500,000 or even 1 million per month.

He also added that it’s impossible to scale that kind of volume with only people, so there is a need for automated assembly, automated test, automated burn-in and automated packaging.

He also mentioned that the company’s market research has identified that the use of optical components in data centers will grow 100x over the next 8 years.

Simms added :

With our many years of experience in burn-in and test, we are providing a cutting edge solution for optical component manufacturers targeting the data center market.

This solution allows burn-in and test of their optical components at a much higher volume, with improved yield and at lower labour cost.

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