October 24, 2016

WP Engine to provide free SSL/TLS certificates to customers

The company has joined hands with Let’s Encrypt to make this service available for all its users

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Hosted service provider for WordPress, WP Engine announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates available to all its customers for free. The company says that this is an attempt at making it easy and economical for customers to set up a secure site.

Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority whose purpose is to make HTTPS present on the Internet through free SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates are recognized by all modern browsers and use a high level of cryptographic technology to secure connections.

The company said that after the provision of this service, every page of a website hosted on WP Engine can offer encrypted HTTPS connections to that site’s visitors. This means that a visitor’s information remains confidential and data can’t be modified without the person’s knowledge. In this way, HTTPS provides benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity.

Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO of WP Engine said :

The Internet today isn’t the same as it was even 5 years ago. There’s an expectation that people should be able to go securely online without worrying if their information will be exploited or fall into the wrong hands.

HTTPS is a win for everyone. On the one hand it provides greater trust, privacy and security for site visitors and on the other it delivers faster site speeds with better SEO for website owners.