November 5, 2018

Wipro collaborates with Check Point Software for cloud security services

The alliance aims to provide enterprise customers with Check Point’s advanced and dynamic cloud security solution, ‘CloudGuard IaaS’.

cloud security services

IT giant Wipro have announced an alliance with cloud security services provider Check Point Software to facilitate CloudGuard IaaS for enterprise customers. With this alliance, Wipro will be able to provide enterprises with a comprehensive suite of security products that focus on advanced threat prevention and safeguarding enterprise cloud applications, infrastructure, and data.

According to Wipro, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are prey to dangerous cyber threats, which makes it imperative to protect their sensitive business data from risks. They claim that since virus attacks are of different types, enterprises need to equip themselves with a wide range of solutions that can counter various type of attacks.

By partnering with Check Point Software, Wipro believe that they will enable customers to maximize their investment in cloud infrastructure by defending against the most sophisticated, fifth-generation cyber threats. They also claim that enterprises can deploy the solution in minutes with a flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Speaking about the partnership, Sheetal Mehta, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Cybersecurity & Risk Service, Wipro Limited, commented:

I am excited about what our partnership with Check Point can bring to our joint customers. By incorporating Check Point’s cloud security solutions into our IaaS offerings, Wipro customers will now benefit from advanced fifth-generation threat prevention for virtualized cloud deployments and enterprise edge applications.

Explaining the benefits of CloudGuard IaaS, Wipro said that the solution will allow enterprises to:

  1.  Enforce a consistent security policy for all corporate assets across both public cloud and on-premise infrastructures – all from a single console,
  2. Simplify compliance and audits by unifying threat visibility for hybrid cloud environments, and
  3.  Assimilate and leverage contextual information about the infrastructure to automatically adjust security policies to any changes in the cloud environment.

Itai Greenberg, Vice President of Product Management at Check Point Software, commented:

The Check Point CloudGuard family enables organizations to do so securely and consistently, delivering comprehensive threat prevention for cloud-based IaaS and SaaS applications and infrastructure workloads.

We look forward to working with the hundreds of certified Check Point engineers and cloud experts at Wipro to bring these benefits to our mutual customers and keep them one step ahead of the modern threat landscape.

In closing, the tech giant added that they are going the whole hog while fortifying their cloud security services, following the launch of a big data solution on Microsoft’s cloud platform.