November 21, 2018

WebNMS enters into an IoT alliance with Cyient for tower operations

The IoT alliance seeks to combine WebNMS’ platform expertise with Cyient’s network management prowess to enable smooth operation of cell towers.

iot alliance

WebNMS, the IoT division of Zoho, have entered into a strategic IoT alliance with Cyient, a provider of engineering, network and operations management solutions. With this alliance, WebNMS seeks to integrate their IoT platform with Cyient’s tower operations solution to help telcos optimize the utilization of their assets, reduce costs, improve efficiency and monitor power outages.

According to WebNMS, telecom enterprises using IoT need to manage their infrastructure since outages or losses directly impact cost. These enterprises need to better the efficiency and operation rate of their networks since it allows them to streamline client requirements and serve them better.

By partnering with Cyient, WebNMS claim that they can leverage the former’s TOC (Tower Operations Centre) to offer innovative solutions while reducing costs and boosting efficiency. They claim that as their IoT platform will provide a scalable and secure framework for data ingestion, aggregation, device management and data visualization, telecom enterprises will be able to address the issues pertinent to cell networks immediately.

Karen Ravindranath, Director at WebNMS IoT, claims that IoT as a service is changing business elements in every industry and the IoT alliance with Cyient will bring out their best when it comes to platform utilization. He says that by unlocking the potential of IoT and TOC together, they will continue to provide innovative solutions to their customers.

Cyient say that their network prowess will come into picture when WebNMS would want to solve complex business problems. They say that as a ‘design, build and maintain partner’, Cyient will allow enterprises to jointly provide IoT-network solutions.

Sanjay Krishnaa, Senior Vice President, Communications, and President, Asia Pacific at Cyient believes that their telecom lifecycle administration prowess will only help enterprises increase operational efficiencies.

It will be interesting to see how WebNMS and Cyient make the most of this IoT alliance, following the launch of the network management platform cClear-V by cPacket.