January 14, 2019

VMware partners with CTC Malaysia to encourage digital transformation in the country

The alliance seeks to accelerate cloud adoption in Malaysia where enterprises seek agility, flexibility and streamlining of workflows.

Cloud and software provider VMware have partnered with global SDN company CTC Malaysia to drive digital transformation in Malaysia. As per the terms of the deal, VMware will be facilitating infrastructure-as-a-model service to Malaysian enterprises by leveraging CTC’s SDN services and network in the region.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation), local enterprises spending on cloud-based software in Malaysia is set to hit USD 621 million by 2021. They say that this market is not nearing maturity because of the awareness of the cloud, its benefits and proximity to cloud giants like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent in the region.

By partnering with CTC Malaysia, VMware believe that they will gain access to a large SMB segment that the SDN provider has a hold on. They claim that this alliance will allow enterprises in Malaysia to streamline their everyday workflows with CTC’s CUVIC Cloud services.

Dennis Koh, Managing Director, CTC Global believes that with VMware alliance, they will be able to further fortify their CUVIC offering. He also says that this alliance will allow enterprises to transform digitally quickly.

In closing, VMware said that they will be continuously working towards equipping Malaysian enterprises with cloud tools and services. They have a great opportunity to make the most of this dealafter they partnered with KT in Korea to boost hybrid cloud for enterprises.