January 14, 2019

Welsh govt. partners with global tech firm Thales for USD 25.71 million security center

The partnership seeks to turn the South West Welsh region into a technical powerhouse and create more job opportunities in the region.

The government of Wales have partnered with Thales, a global tech firm, to develop a new cybersecurity center in Blaenau Gwent, South West of Wales. With this partnership, Thales and the Welsh govt. aim to turn Blaenau Gwent into a global security centre for new technology, and create more than 1,500 jobs in the area.

According to the Welsh government, Europe as a whole has adopted cloud technology to manage workloads, but security has always been a problem. They say that the rising number of cyber attacks and malware has made cyber protection a critical element in the IT framework of every organization.

By launching a new security center by partnering with Thales, the Welsh govt. believe that they will encourage enterprises in Europe to leverage the center’s cyber protection prowess to protect their sensitive business data. They say that this new center, which will be called as National Digital Exploitation Centre, or NDEC,  will provide job opportunities to Welsh locals.

Industry analysts claim that this security center will act as a cornerstone for enterprises not just in the U.K., but all across Europe. They also believe that the security center will also benefit from local universities that are honing individuals in the field of cloud and IT security.

Here is hoping that the partnership between Thales and the government of Wales becomes as beneficial to European enterprises as the alliance between Atos and Airbus for cybersecurity.