July 15, 2016

Verisign files patent applications for using DNS for IoT devices

Verisign wants to patent different ways to use the DNS for the Internet of Things.

Verisign, the domain name registry that operates the .com top level domain name, has filed two patent applications for applying DNS to internet-connected devices, i.e. internet of things (IoT).

The two applications were filed in January 2015 and published yesterday.

Application 14/595178 is for Systems and methods for establishing ownership and delegation of IoT devices using domain name system services whereas Application 14/593919 is for systems and Methods for registering, managing, and communicating with IoT devices using domain name system processes.

Both describe using various components of DNS to manage IoT devices. This can include registering and assigning a domain name to them, to connecting a number of IoT devices under a second level domain and then applying various records, such as TLSA, to them.

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