June 29, 2018

Cyxtera partners with Zayo for cloud connectivity

The alliance seeks to provide Cyxtera’s customers with secure access to AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. by leveraging Zayo’s CloudLink platform.

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Data center company Cyxtera have partnered with network facilitator Zayo in a bid to provide customers with secure cloud connectivity. As per the terms of the alliance, Cyxtera will be leveraging Zayo’s CloudLink connectivity platform to provide access to major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

According to Cyxtera, customers have different needs when it comes to cloud connectivity and managing applications. They say this demand makes it inevitable for Cyxtera to diversify their cloud services portfolio.

By leveraging Zayo’s CloudLink connectivity platform, Cyxtera believe that they can seamlessly provide secure access to in-demand cloud providers like Google, Microsoft, AWS and several others. They also say that this partnership will help Cyxtera’s customers to boost their connectivity speed to 100G.

Speaking about the alliance, Milos Marjanovic, Senior Director of CloudLink, Zayo, commented:

Today’s enterprises need a secure, global platform for mission-critical applications and systems — and secure, high-performance connectivity to their cloud providers. We look forward to working with Cyxtera customers to deliver seamless connectivity to the cloud.

Cyxtera too are delighted to seal this deal. Mitch Fonseca, Vice President of Integrated Operations, Data Centre Services at Cyxtera confirmed:

Customers have different requirements when it comes to hosting workloads in the cloud. Cyxtera’s data centre customers will be able to select CloudLink connectivity options to meet their business needs.