January 4, 2019

UK government tells .EU registrants to consider another TLD

The registrants have been told to seek legal advice or choose another gTLD like .COM or .NET as no-deal Brexit looms.

.EU registrants

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the U.K. have issued guidance to the registrants of .EU domains with respect to its eligibility post 29th March. With this move, the UK government seeks to give registrants a bit more breathing space and possible future rights, to retain their domain names.

According to the UK government, EURID (.EU’s domain operator) had outlined the European Commission’s directive on how Britain’s exit from the EU (European Union) is likely to affect its registrants residing in the UK They say that of the total 3.75 million .EU domains registered, the UK is the fourth largest registrant for the domain.

Keeping these factors in mind, the UK government decided to give registrants of the .EU domain some time, so that the latter can move their digital assets to another gTLD. With the prospect of no-deal Brexit looming, the UK government said that it will not be possible for them to turn the decision around, once the registry decides to scrap the names of registrants and their domain names.

In order to bring this situation in control, the UK govt. said that they had to give leeway to the owners of the .EU domain so that before 29th March, all the registrants have sought a different gTLD. They also claim that the British parliament is at the moment, in the midst of deciding whether to leave the EU with a deal that puts them in a win-win situation, no matter what the outcome is.

It will be interesting to see what the registrants of the .EU domain do, as the government is all set to cancel their sites.