January 4, 2019

LayerStack expand their global offerings by unveiling a new data center in Los Angeles

The data center seeks to expand LayerStack’s worldwide reach by becoming accessible to every enterprise.

data center

Cloud infrastructure provider LayerStack have unveiled their new data center in Los Angeles, USA. With this launch, LayerStack seeks to provide data center services to enterprises across the American and global markets by leveraging their reach, network and state-of-the-art technology.

According to LayerStack, enterprises in the North American region are using the cloud as a technology to build and run applications, store large amount of data and accelerate daily workloads. They claim that North America and Los Angeles (L.A.) in specific, is a large market for cloud services.

By launching a new data center in the L.A., LayerStack say that they will provide enterprises in the North American market with low latency and high capacity data center services. They believe that L.A. is strategically located to leverage a global network that can allow enterprises to reach worldwide easily.

LayerStack claim that the opening of the new hub is in accordance with their vision for worldwide expansion that is estimated to come into fruition by 2023. They say that LayerStack are reinvesting their profits to provide the highest performing cloud infrastructure available from 5 zones across 4 geographic regions globally.

It will be interesting to see how LayerStack build their presence by leveraging their network in Los Angeles, following their development across the APAC (Asia Pacific) region.