August 16, 2018

TransIP acquires managed service provider IT-Ernity

The acquisition aims to strengthen TransIP’s infrastructural and cloud hosting prowess in order to cater to enterprise needs.

Network service provider

Dutch IT company TransIP have announced the acquisition of managed service facilitator IT-Ernity in order to cater to enterprise needs in the Netherlands. With this move, TransIP aims to add infrastructural, connectivity and hosting prowess to their product portfolio and strengthen their existing customer base.

According to TransIP, the IT market in the Netherlands is going through a positive flux wherein the emphasis is laid more on sophisticated infrastructure. This change, they believe, has happened as a result of the fast adoption rate of cloud-based products.

By acquiring IT-Ernity, TransIP believe that they will be fortifying their infrastructure and hosting prowess for cloud-native customers. They also claim that in addition to these products, TransIP will also be adding domain registration and fibre connectivity capabilities to their product portfolio.

Speaking about this, Patrick N.W. Turner, Managing Director at VSS, the former owner of IT-Ernity, commented:

IT-Ernity was poised for growth at the time of our investment. Through our partnership with the IT-Ernity’s management team, and GMT, our U.K. based PE partner, we achieved our shared vision of expanding IT-Ernity’s products, services and footprint. TransIP is the logical partner to take IT-Ernity to the next level.

TransIP say that this is their fourteenth acquisition since 2008 which started with Proserve, a commercial internet service provider. In closing, TransIP said that they look forward to closing some more acquisitions in the pipeline that are slated for the year 2018.