August 16, 2018

QTC launches hyperscale data center in Ashburn, Virginia

The data center seeks to accommodate traditional enterprises that are looking to make the most out of on-premise as well as cloud environments.

Cloud giant

Data center company QTS have launched a hybrid facility in the hottest data center hub namely, Ashburn, Northern Virginia, in the USA. With this launch, QTS aims to provide state-of-the-art technology to customers that are looking to empower their IT prowess with on-premise as well as cloud environments.

According to QTS, many enterprises in the USA believe in leveraging hybrid cloud environments by having on-premise as well as cloud infrastructure. They also say that this combination allows enterprises to reduce their capital expenditures by renting a part of the data center facility.

QTS say that the Ashburn data center will be equipped with the latest technology so as to meet the IT requirements of traditional businesses. They claim that this facility will specifically cater to industries such as finance, retail, healthcare etc. where the emphasis is more on infrastructure consolidation.

As per QTS, the facility which was finished within a year spans across 14,000 sq.feet in space and will provide 8MW of power. Speaking about the launch, Tag Greason, Chief Hyperscale Officer at QTS, commented:

The design will allow QTS to accelerate delivery. The landlord can have one 8MW quadrant up and running while building out the next one without disruption to existing customers. It’s the first time that we’ve done it in 10 months.