May 3, 2018

Sysdig partners with Google Cloud to secure container run-time capabilities

The alliance seeks to allow Google Cloud to gather data, identify threats and act on them before the threats cause business damage.

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Container intelligence company Sysdig have entered into an alliance with tech mogul Google Cloud to help the latter secure container run-time capabilities. As per the terms of this partnership, Google Cloud will be able to assimilate data and identify threats before they affect container operations.

According to Google Cloud, effective container runtime security depends on security response teams that can quickly detect and respond to security threats on live containers. They also believe that this early detection is of essence to safeguard cloud security for organizations.

By partnering with Sysdig, Google Cloud say that they will be able to protect containers in runtime for their Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud CSS), a cyber threat detecting platform. They also think that with this services-aware approach, Google Cloud will be able to protect their workloads by gaining complete visibility of threats and stopping them before affecting operations.

Speaking about the alliance, Loris Degioanni, CTO and Founder at Sysdig, commented:

Enterprises are rapidly adopting containers to create a more agile, secure development environment for their next generation microservices applications.

We’re happy to be one of the first to partner with Google in this way and to bring the monitoring, security, and forensics capabilities of the Sysdig Container Intelligence Platform deeper into Google Cloud through our Cloud SCC integration.

Echoing Degioanni, Andy Chang, Product Manager at Google Cloud said:

We are constantly developing new solutions to ensure customers are armed with the tools needed to combat today’s security challenges.

With new container runtime security capabilities in Cloud SCC, and technical integrations like the one from Sysdig, we are giving customers access to the tools they need to protect containers.