April 8, 2019

Synthesis, Cloudflare partner to secure multiple environments across cloud platforms

The alliance aims to limit the impact of DDoS attacks and ensure high availability in case of a data center outage.

Synthesis Software Technologies have partnered with Cloudflare to secure multiple IT environments across cloud platforms. With this alliance, Cloudflare will expand its network across South Africa whereas Synthesis will be taking advantage of the former’s advanced architecture and security to boost customer experiences on the internet.

Synthesis believe that enterprises deploying cloud apps need to secure their environments to protect their workloads. They claim that this is a key factor when it comes to enhancing a customer’s internet experience since there can be no security without trust.

By partnering with Cloudflare, Synthesis say that they will be able to secure their workloads from DDoS attacks with WAF protection across complex cloud environments. They further added that this partnership will enable and operationalise their cloud environments to improve overall customer experience.

Chris Merritt, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudflare, states that with this alliance, they will continue to focus on partnering with enterprises that drive customer experience on the internet. He also claims that with this partnership, both entities will help businesses to securely deploy cloud apps over every environment possible without losing their control over security.

Industry experts opine that this partnership will propel Synthesis’ security prowess and allow their clients to fully secure their apps in the cloud. It will be interesting to see how Cloudflare and Synthesis take this ahead, following Cloudflare’s launch of Warp VPN.