April 8, 2019

Alcide partners with Fortinet for joint hybrid cloud security solutions

The alliance seeks to provide advanced threat detection and mitigation for complex cloud environments to ensure business continuity.

Alcide, a cloud security provider has struck a partnership with Fortinet to provide cybersecurity solutions to the enterprise segment. As per the terms of the deal, Alcide will be integrating their security solution with Fortinet under Fabric Ready Partnerships, to provide threat detection and mitigation services across all cloud environments.

According to Alcide, cloud-native enterprises need solutions that can strike a balance between private and public cloud environments. They also believe that some enterprises utilizing traditional environments are looking for solutions that help them migrate workloads to the cloud safely and securely.

Alcide claim that their dev-sec-ops cloud solution can leverage its behaviour-based anomaly engine to scan and catch viruses. They say that this capability, if integrated with Fortinet’s ability to monitor risks across hybrid cloud environments, will allow enterprises to be free of cloud security hassles for good.

Hence, in order to give enterprises a unique offering, Alcide and Fortinet have partnered together to provide a new solution and bring down the rate of cyber threats across various cloud environments. With this solution, Fortinet and Alcide believe that they will facilitate:

1.  Unified threat hunting and management,

2. Continuous visibility and control, and

3. High resolution of anomalous microservices network activity.

Market analysts claim that this partnership is one of its kind and will see a positive change in the adoption of cloud technology. One can only wait and see whether the analysts are accurate with their analysis, especially after Cisco and Telenor partnered for cloud security.