June 1, 2016

Spendesk launches SaaS solution to help companies manage spending

Company aims at effective management of finances for corporates

Following their on-stage presentation at ParisFounders back in April, and after two months of private beta, Spendesk officially launches its service in Europe to provide their SaaS software for companies.

Spendesk is a solution that asserts to generate digital or physical corporate cards for employees and manages expenses as a team. Tracking corporate spendings is definitely a pain for companies, today’s CFOs, accountants, and managers are struggling to manage their teams spendings, gather all the invoices and follow-up on their budgets. Spendesk allows team members to get their own cards and get their job done smoothly.

CFO’s and managers keep control of their budgets with custom limits per employees and custom validation workflows matching the company’s organization. Spendesk helps them keep track of all credit card payments in real time, from day-to-day expenses to online subscriptions. Accountants save time every day as all team members upload their invoices directly on the platform and all payments are being sent to their favorite accounting software. Spendesk seems to be the perfect corporate card solution for companies of all sizes, from fast-growing startups to SMBs.

Rodolphe Ardant, SpendeskCEO :

We give employees full freedom to get their job done, while allowing tight control on all spending through automated approval workflows. Payments are one click away, but always in the hands of the CFOs. We reinvent corporate cards, as they should be, so that teams can be fully focused on making their company successful

Ganna Verbytska, Treasurer at Webedia Group had this to say :

Corporate card management used to be a nightmare. Teams shared credit card numbers, which generated security issues for the company. At the end of the month, I wasted countless hours finding who made the payments and tracking down invoices. Spendesk was deployed 2 months ago and instantly adopted. Now, I can monitor, in real time, every purchase made by teams and employees.

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