September 17, 2018

Consulting firm Infosys acquires Finnish company Fluido for USD 76 million

The acquisition seeks to grow Infosys’ business in the Nordic region in a bid to help companies reimagine and transform their business.

Consulting firm

Consulting firm Infosys have acquired Finnish data and insights facilitator Fluido for USD 76 million to transform the business of Nordic countries digitally. As per the terms of the deal, Fluido will provide Infosys with cloud-based data visualization software to help the consulting firm expand across North European countries.

According to Infosys, European countries are well-aware of cloud products and leverage the same to host their websites, build applications, store information and visualize data to gain business insights. They believe that this market has a further scope for expansion since customers are willing to try advanced products and benefit from the same.

By acquiring Fluido, Infosys believe that they will be able to generate more business from their clients in the Nordic region comprising Denmark, Finland, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden. They also say that this acquisition will help them put Infosys on the growth pedestal after two years of tepid performance.

Infosys claim that Fluido, the Salesforce-backed data visualization firm, was acquired by them in an all-cash deal. Talking more about the deal, Ravi Kumar, President at Infosys, commented:

The acquisition demonstrates our commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem to address our client’s digital priorities. Fluido brings market presence, salesforce expertise, agile delivery and training to our capabilities, which will help our clients reimagine and transform their businesses.

Fluido believe that Infosys will gain access to their customers across all verticals, including manufacturing, energy, retail and telecom. On Fluido’s part, Kai Makela, Founder and CEO, commented:

With Infosys, we will be able to provide global scalable services to our customers. With digital experience playing a key role in customer success, we will have an opportunity to help our clients change the way they connect with their customers.

The acquisition deal is set to close in the third quarter of 2018. Looks like the consulting firm are on a roll, especially after their JV deal with Temasek last week.