October 7, 2016

South African registrars ask for second level .ZA domains

South Africans registrars have called for the introduction of .ZA registrations at the second-level

In South Africa, at a recent conference, there was a push among registrars to allow second level registrations of .ZA domain names.

Currently, registrations under .ZA extensions are restricted to the third level, for e.g. .CO.ZA. According to Business Live Report, .ZA Domains’ Jade Benson said at the iWeek conference that he thought the country was ready for the introduction of second level domains for the South African ccTLD.

Benson added :

Variety is the spice of life, and typically consumers who cannot find their desired .CO.ZA domain would look to international registrars to purchase a .COM or similar.

.ZA domains would provide them with an alternative opportunity to find their desired domain name and ensure that small business and consumers are supporting local businesses.

According to Business Live, Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) CEO, Vika Mpisane said a shift to second level registrations wouldn’t happen without the registry’s blessing.

Wayne Diamond from domains.co.za said :

We need to stay relevant and need to make future-proof decisions and [introducing .ZA] follows on what other countries have done.

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