July 22, 2016

Snowflake Computing now providing expanded services for its cloud data warehouse

The goal of the new features is to reduce the time spent administering cloud data warehouses

Snowflake Computing is unveiling new services and features from its Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse that the company claims will automate and simplify administrative tasks for its cloud data warehouse service and improve data protection for diverse data and SQL queries in the cloud.

In an article on CRN, it is claimed that the new automation capabilities will fit with Snowflake’s customers’ demands to make data warehousing as simple as possible and allow users to focus less on administration and more on data analysis.

“More clients we are talking to don’t want to manage [data warehouse] infrastructure,” said Vikas Punna, vice president of the data management practice at Unico Solution, a New York-based solution provider with practices in data warehousing, data migration, business intelligence and master data management. “Our clients want minimal administrative work.”

Snowflake began offering its cloud-based Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse service in June 2015 as an alternative to traditional on-premise data warehouse systems. The company says that such data warehouse projects can take months and even years to build, potentially cost millions of dollars, and have high failure rates. Increased use of big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark in recent years has only added to that complexity.

Snowflake’s claims that its value proposition is that businesses can use its service to set up a cloud data warehouse in a fraction of the time, at far lower costs.

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