March 20, 2019

Tucows acquires wholesale domain registrar Ascio Technologies

The USD 29.44 million acquisition seeks to add more than one million domains along with 500 active resellers under Tucows’ management.

Tech firm Tucows have acquired domain registrar Ascio Tech for USD 29.44 million. With this acquisition, Tucows will be expanding its product portfolio by adding approx. 1.8 million domains and 500 active resellers under their management.

According to Tucows, SMBs booming globally have been responsible for driving the growth of gTLDs and nTLDs. They believe that with this growth, resellers have benefitted the most given their market place models which allow SMBs to buy domains.

By acquiring Ascio, Tucows believe that they will be gaining access to a large wholesale market with active resellers who are selling domains at a high-profit margin. They claim that this acquisition will not only allow them to broaden their offerings but also expand their customer base across ISPs, web pros, hosting companies and website builders.

Jørgen Christensen, Managing Director of Ascio, states that this acquisition deal is all about focusing on the right segment in the market. He claims that with this deal, Ascio can leverage Tucows’ global network which will help them boost their brand name in the market.

Industry experts opine that this acquisition will benefit resellers in the North American region, where its presence is most prominent. It will be interesting to see how Tucows will take this deal ahead, following their acquisition of eNom for USD 83.5 million.