March 20, 2019

SmarTone unveils cybersecurity solutions for telecom enterprises

The launch aims to help enterprises shorten incidence response time, automate protection and detection for unknown cyber threats.

SmarTone have launched cybersecurity solutions for telecom enterprises in a bid to help them address obstacles pertaining to incident response time. With this launch, SmarTone will facilitate threat detection and mitigation capabilities to enterprises, by leveraging their risk assessment prowess.

According to SmarTone, responding to cyberthreats in a short span of time determines the success of an IT environment’s security architecture. They believe that with a short incident response time, enterprises can mitigate and eradicate threats quickly.

As far as telecom enterprises are concerned, SmarTone say that cyber threats exist at the network level because of endpoint loopholes. They further added that if these cyber risks are identified, analysed, assessed and monitored, curbing threats becomes much easier.

By unveiling their own cybersecurity solutions, SmarTone say that they will help enterprises recognize third-party risks by making the most of its end-point detection and eradication capabilities. They claim that with this launch, enterprises will be able to quickly react to on-going cyber attacks and protect their IT environments much before in advance.

Anna Yip, CEO of SmarTone believes that while technology brings new business opportunities for enterprises, increase in connected devices augments the risk of cyber attacks. Hence, she claims that in order to secure these devices, it is essential to recognize and eliminate these threats off before they deteriorate the whole system.

Market analysts claim that these products will help telecom enterprises to protect their endpoints and bring stability to their IT architectures. With this deal, one cannot help but think of Netskope’s partnership with SentinelOne to secure cloud networks for endpoint protection.