February 26, 2019

Singtel partners with China Mobile to accelerate the adoption of IoT across APAC

With this alliance, both entities seek to provide customers with a common management platform that provides control and network visibility.

Singtel have joined forces with China Mobile to ramp up the adoption of  IoT cross APAC markets. As per the terms of the deal, Singtel will be leveraging their network to provide customers of China Mobile with a unified management platform that facilitates control and network visibility to cloud-IoT deployers.

According to Singtel, the APAC market has matured over the years when it comes to usage of cloud and IoT technologies. They say that this progress can be attributed to the need to transform digitally, compete with global players and store a larger volume of workloads.

However, Singtel believe that the adoption of IoT is facing hiccups since its manual configuration into the cloud network is time-consuming. Hence, to overcome this obstacle, Singtel have partnered with China Mobile to provide users with a common management platform.

With this platform, Singtel say that customers can use their own integrated IoT solutions to provide network visibility and control. They say that this visibility will allow customers to accelerate IoT expansion by combining connectivity with the cloud for IoT.

Andrew Niu, Chief Partnership Officer at China Mobile International, states that future-ready businesses with a foothold in multiple markets win by consistently delivering superior customer experiences based on data and insights. They say that these insights are drawn from IoT infrastructure and networks that have a global reach.

Market watchers opine that the alliance will benefit both traditional as well as digitally transformed enterprises facing IoT network issues. It will be interesting to see how Singtel and Chine Mobile take this forward, following Singtel’s partnership with Argus to strengthen cybersecurity.