April 27, 2018

Schneider, Megaport and APDC strengthen respective data centers

The fortification seeks to extend their data center prowess in a bid to grow business opportunities.

Google data center

Data center companies Schneider Electric, Megaport and APDC (Asia Pacific Data Centers) have decided to strengthen their respective data centers in order to scale their businesses. As per this consolidation move, Schneider will launch ‘Edge Module’ to support IoT-enabled devices, Megaport will add 21 data centers, whereas APDC will buy back their three data centers from NEXTDC.

Starting with Schneider, the tech giant say that they will be launching ‘Edge Module’, a pre-integrated data center solution to meet the growing demand for IoT and smart devices. With this launch, Schneider believe that telcos making huge investments in IoT-enabled devices will be able to monitor, control and administer distributed data center environments.

Schneider say that telcos are increasingly turning towards edge computing solutions to address high-bandwidth issues and feel that their data centers equipped with ‘Edge Module’ will fit the bill.

Explaining the need to introduce ‘Edge Module’, Jay Owen, Senior Vice President for Schneider Electric’s North American IT Division, commented:

With our new prefabricated Edge Module, we’re empowering customers, and the telco industry specifically, to normalize their edge endpoints with identical implementations in multiple locations, providing the ultimate predictability in efficiency, reliability, and operation – for a variety of different applications.

Parallelly, Megaport say that they will be consolidating their data centers by adding another 21 centers to their current facilities. With this addition, Megaport believe that they will provide direct connectivity to those areas that remained underserved.

Explaining the same in detail, Vincent English, CEO at Megaport, commented:

Megaport’s ongoing expansion into new datacentres in markets like Austin, Sacramento, and St Louis enable us to support enterprises in locations that have been underserved by direct connectivity to public cloud services.

Finally, APDC have reached a verbal agreement with NEXTDC to buy back their three data centers that are currently on lease. With this buy-back option, APDC aim to expand their footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

APDC say that as per the terms of the agreement with NEXTDC, they agreed to buy the data centers back at USD 1.52 per share. Speaking about the deal in detail, a spokesperson for APDC said:

The APDC boards remain open to resolving the current matters on foot in an amicable basis. We encourage NextDC to engage on the proposed buyback and we remain open to resolving the current access dispute on a sensible basis.