December 1, 2016

Tencent partners with Radware for security solutions

Tencent will provide Radware’s cloud security solutions to its Chinese customers

Cyber security and application delivery solutions provider Radware, has announced that it has recently entered into a partnership with Tencent Holdings. The company says that the partnership has been made to offer cloud security solutions for Tencent’s cloud application services, private cloud services market as well as DDoS protection for overseas customers.

Tencent Cloud is a public cloud platform provider in China which offers services such as cloud server, cloud database, cloud storage, CDN as well as solutions for gaming, video and mobile applications.

Tencent says that with the increasingly challenging global information security landscape, it has decided to work closely with Radware to tighten its application security protections for global users. Tencent will offer its Chinese customers with Radware’s cloud security protection as an additional service.

Radware claims that it offers global cloud security network to provide adaptive and real-time protection for DDoS and web security threats. The company’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) can provide 24/7 services and comprehensive mitigation services to manage emerging, single and multi-vector attacks.

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