December 16, 2016

Verisign launches “Uncommonly Timeless” campaign for .NET

The Registry has released a website and a video to support the campaign

Verisign is running a new  campaign called “Uncommonly Timeless” for the .NET extension. They have released a website called as part of their campaign.

Verisign has released a video for the campaign called “Uncommonly Timeless Fuel”.

Verisign in a statement said :

With approximately 15 million registrations, .NET is one of the most popular domains today, and has earned the trust of people and businesses worldwide.

Our newest campaign, Uncommonly Timeless, highlights .NET’s enduring appeal as a domain that is recognized as original and reliable.

According to Verisign, one should choose a .NET domain as it has been established for over 30 years, it has about 15 million registrations globally and Verisign claims .NET has earned the trust of millions of people.

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