March 15, 2018

.PT records one million registrations

The growth is attributed to internet penetration, governing policies and the recent domain registrations in January.

Domain registry

.PT, the ccTLD of Portugal, has reached a landmark of one million domain name registrations according to its registry, DNS.PT. They also say that the ccTLD was able to reach this figure thanks to rising internet penetration rate in the country and a flexible policy framework of the governing bodies.

By adopting a multi-stakeholder policy, registrations under .PT ccTLD grew quickly, say DNS.PT. They also say that reaching a million registrations was possible after experiencing a spurt in domain name registrations for the ccTLD in the month of January, a 30% increase as compared to last year.

Speaking about the millionth registrant, DNS.PT say that the organization to do so was Meckos, a textile company based in Fafe, Portugal. They also say that the total number of domain name registrations under the .PT ccTLD for 2018 is 23,000 with further growth expected.

DNS.PT believe that the key ingredient in spurring this growth is their active participation in supporting businesses and individuals with digital skills, projects and initiatives. They also say that with all these combined efforts, .PT has become one of the fastest growing ccTLDs across Europe.

Industry experts opine that at this rate, .PT  is likely to add another million domain name registration before 2020, given the boom of new businesses in Portugal.