March 14, 2018

Microsoft to launch data centers in Germany and the Middle East

The launch seeks to expand Microsoft’s cloud business worldwide in a bid to compete against the likes of Amazon.

Google data center

Software giant Microsoft are all set to launch data centers in Germany and the Middle East in order to compete against Amazon and Oracle. With this launch, Microsoft will be adding data centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Germany.

According to Microsoft, the cloud computing market stands at USD 260 billion with the demand for cloud-based solutions at an all-time high. Since these regions, namely the Middle East and Germany, demonstrated growing rate in adopting cloud technology, supporting them with data center services was imperative, say Microsoft.

Speaking about this launch, a spokesman for Microsoft said:

Many customers with particularly sensitive needs, for example in the public sector, prefer our German cloud offering. We give customers the choice.

Microsoft say that their data centers in the Middle East will be the first in the region, making them the latest addition to the big players like Amazon and Oracle, investing in the Arab world. They also added that this joint endeavor of launching data centers in developed countries will help them pry customers from Amazon.

Explaining the demand for cloud-based services in the Middle East, Sayed Hashish, Regional General Manager at Microsoft Gulf, commented:

Driven by strong customer demand for cloud computing, local datacenters were the logical next step given the enormous opportunity that the cloud presents.

In addition to the data centers in the Middle East and Germany, Microsoft say that they will also build a data center in Geneva, Switzerland. In closing, they added that Microsoft will be revealing the names of their data center locations in Germany very soon.