March 15, 2017

OVH partners with Accelize for Acceleration-as-a-Service product

The company says that the deal will enable OVH users to operate pre-built FPGA accelerators on the RunAbove FPGA servers

This week, OVH, the French cloud computing company and Accelize announced that they have entered into a partnership to enable OVH’s cloud customers to leverage the processing capabilities of FPGA (field-programmable gate array) in the form of FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service. Accelize enables Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to seamlessly offer FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Service (FAaaS) to their customers.

OVH claims that it first launched its FPGA server offering in 2016 as part of the RunAbove Lab, enabling users to evaluate FPGA capabilities by renting a dedicated FPGA Server where they can program and test their own FPGA designs.

Germain Masse, Technical Director, OVH said:

We see 2017 as the year of the FPGA in data centers, and we know that many of our customers are interested in these devices and the acceleration capability they bring.

However, we also know from experience that developing FPGA accelerators is a challenging task for many who would like to use them.

Accelize’s offering addresses this perfectly with a complete, high-level tool flow for development plus an ecosystem of experienced developers who can offer pre-built accelerators to our customers.

OVH says that the partnership with Accelize enables its users to operate pre-built FPGA accelerators on the RunAbove FPGA servers. These users can also customize these accelerators or create new ones, using the QuickPlay/QuickStore solution from Accelize, regardless of their FPGA expertise.

OVH also announced the expansion of its US operations with the appointment of several key executives in the region. OVH US appointed Russell P. Reeder as President & CEO along with Dean Gels (Chief Financial Officer), Brian Kuhn (Chief Digital Officer), Robert Gregory (Chief Customer Officer) and Scott Brown as Senior Vice President, Engineering & Operations.

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