November 22, 2018

OVH India commences operations with VMware and Intel partnerships

The move seeks to offer a different vision of the cloud to OVH customers in India so as to allow enterprises to keep up with international standards.

OVH India

French cloud firm OVH’s Indian SBU, OVH India have commenced operations by partnering with VMware and Intel for cloud consolidation. With these alliances, OVH aim to meet the cloud requirements of enterprises in India and offer them a different vision, to help them meet global standards of cloud services.

According to OVH, India as a market is full of interesting opportunities and challenges since the dynamics in the region change as per location. They say that similar to China, India offers a wide range of enterprise customers with new businesses aware of the advantages provided by cloud computing services.

By starting their operations in India and partnering with VMware and Intel, OVH India claim that they are leveraging the customer base of the two known entities in the market. They say that this approach will allow them to understand the needs of the customers better and provide them with a unique vision for cloud services.

Alain Fiocco, EVP & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at OVH states that the public cloud services market in India has seen a phenomenal growth in the last two years, reaching USD 1.8 billion in 2017. He believes that if such is the trend, the market can easily reach its estimated value of USD 4.1 billion in 2020 if enterprises continue taking advantage of the data revolution.

OVH India say that they will also be unveiling a Digital Launch Pad in India to support emerging businesses with flexible cloud infrastructure. They say that the company will be offering up to USD 100,000 to startups to deploy solutions built on OVH cloud.

The French company says that their long-standing ties with Intel and VMware, that have helped them build servers and cloud environments will continue in India as they expand in the region. They also say that with the Indian market, OVH India sees a strong growth trend which is likely to continue for the next 8-10 years given the rapid development of cloud.

Industry experts say that this move will allow OVH to consolidate their global footprint, just as Alibaba did with ONGO to capture SMEs in the subcontinent. It will be interesting to see the turn of events with this move.