November 22, 2018

Pure Storage delivers hybrid cloud services, unveils cloud data prowess

The launch seeks to provide customers with a single storage architecture, unifying app development on-premise and on the cloud to turn data into value.

hybrid cloud services

Pure Storage have launched hybrid cloud services for AWS in a bid to bridge the existing gap between cloud and on-premise customers. The new Cloud Data Services seek to transform large volumes of data into valuable insights by unifying application deployments through a single storage architecture.

According to Pure Storage, enterprise application mobility clubbed with new technologies like AI, deep analytics and ML boosts the strategic importance of IT infrastructure. They say that since traditional as well as new-age applications demand flexible and location independent data accessibility, there is a profound impact on the enterprise’s IT architecture.

By launching Cloud Data Services, Pure Storage claim that they will be sealing the gaps that exist between on-prem and cloud environments to ease application migration and deployment. They further added that since enterprises need real-time access to data, customers will be able to leverage these large volumes and convert them into valuable business intelligence.

Pure Storage say that for AWS customers, they are introducing Cloud Block Store, a block storage service to run mission-critical applications, along with CloudSnap that is built for data protection with data recovery prowess both on cloud and on-prem.

Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO at Pure Storage claims that architects of cloud and on-prem environments do not build both environments purposefully in order to comply with each other. Hence, he believes that customers should be able to decide their environments by choice and not by the constraints imposed by the environments on them.

Pure storage say that customers’ demands in the market clearly indicate that hybrid cloud services are the best model to bring agility to the enterprise application mobility. They also say that as of now, enterprises are compelled to choose between on-premises or cloud, whereas the best pathway to advanced operational functionalities originates from a hybrid strategy.

It will be interesting to see how Pure Storage makes the most of their hybrid cloud services in the market, following Microland’s alliance with Nutanix to consolidate their product portfolio.