March 13, 2019

OrecX partners with Accent for Cloud Contact Centers

The alliance seeks to deliver a customer-first approach to cloud communications by offering a comprehensive contact center solution.

Call solutions firm OrecX have partnered with cloud facilitator Accent to simplify cloud communication for businesses. With this deal, OrecX say that they will take a customer-centric approach when it comes to delivering cloud-based contact communication services to enterprises.

According to OrecX, enterprises need to connect with clients quickly on calls and cloud is one way to ensure the same. They say that cloud networks ensure that the contact between two entities is smooth and allows users to communicate over long distances.

By partnering with Accent, OrecX claim that they will build a strong cloud contact center whose network will traverse globally. They say that by leveraging this contact center, enterprises will be able to communicate with their clients without any hiccups.

In order to ensure this, OrecX say that they have taken a customer-first approach by including business intelligence capabilities to their contact center. They say that this data will be used to understand, interpret and suggest solutions to enterprises as to how to better their communication with clients.

Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX claims that the alliance will boost their cloud communication capabilities and help them entice more customers. He further added that he is pleased with this deal and is looking forward to working with the IT team at Accent.

Market watchers claim that this alliance is a step forward for those entities whose sole business depends on international calling. After this deal, one cannot help but reminisce the alliance between Google Cloud and Quantiphi that aimed to fortify the latter’s cloud AI contact center.