March 13, 2019

MetroEDGE joins hands with ClearSkyData to provide instant cloud data storage services

The alliance aims to deliver enterprise backup solutions on the edge for cloud-native customers leveraging AI and IoT.

Cloud facilitator MetroEDGE have partnered with on-demand storage facilitator ClearSkyData to provide enterprise customers with disaster recovery and backup services. As per the terms of the deal, MetroEDGE will be providing hybrid cloud data services from large cities, where the maximum number of enterprises are located.

According to MetroEDGE, most enterprises have their data centers in rural areas where space and accommodation is not a problem. They say that with remotely located data hubs, enterprises can furnish their data center space with the most sophisticated assets to store a large amount of information.

However, this approach, MetroEDGE believe, does not always work with enterprises when they are looking to leverage AI or IoT environments. They say that by locating these data hubs far away from city premises, enterprises face technical errors that can mar the efficiency of their network.

Hence, in a bid to avoid this, MetroEdge have partnered with ClearSkyData to provide instant cloud data storage services to enterprises from large cities. With this move, MetroEDGE believe that they will work together with ClearSkyData to bring MetroEDGE’s edge-based cloud vision to support enterprises looking to boost 5G, IoT and smart technologies.

Jeremy Diamond, COO at MetroEDGE states that with cloud services at the edge, enterprises will be able to simplify their complex cloud infrastructure. He also claims that by partnering with ClearSkyData, they will help enterprises address longstanding challenges when it comes to data storage and protection.

Industry experts opine that the partnership will provide a boost to telecom enterprises in the market that have plans for IoT and 5G growth. It will be interesting to see how MetroEDGE make the most of this alliance, following the acquisition of OnRamp by LightEdge.