August 27, 2018

Onica acquires cloud computing company Trinimbus

The acquisition will provide Onica access to Trinimbus’ custom deployment tools that help engineers accelerate critical workloads.

IT services provider

Managed cloud service provider Onica have acquired Trinimbus in a bid to expand their reach in the cloud market in Canada. As per the terms of the deal, Onica will gain access to Trinumbus’ rich pool of custom solution deployment tools to help their IT team accelerate mission-critical workloads for clients.

According to Onica, Canada is picking up speed when it comes to adoption of cloud-based products. They say that enterprises in Canada require public as well as on-premise environments to store sensitive business data.

By acquiring Trinimbus, Onica believe that they will add an AWS leader to their product portfolio to enable deployment as well as the migration of vital applications in the cloud. They claim that engineers working in small as well as large enterprises will be able to bring these applications to speed by leveraging Trinimbus’ custom tools.

Onica say that in Trinimbus, they saw synergies with respect to mission, vision and ambitions for the cloud market in Canada. Explaining this, Stephen Garden, CEO of Onica, commented:

The acquisition of TriNimbus demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our relationship with AWS and confidence in its competitive position. The fit with TriNimbus is natural as both companies are aligned in so many ways.

Plus, we collectively believe in the concept of mastery, and with AWS able to support any workload, there are a wealth of solutions we can enable for our customers.