January 2, 2018

.NZ registrations grow by 6.91% in a year

The growth rate for the New Zealand ccTLD is more than double the average of ccTLDs across the world.

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According to the Domain Name Commission Limited ( DNCL) of New Zealand, the .NZ domain names have recorded a total of 702,311 domain names, a growth of 6.91% in a year. The DNCL further states that this rise is more than double the average of the growth percentage recorded by ccTLDs worldwide this year which stands at 3.1%.

The DNCL claim that major contributors to this rise of almost 7% which roughly amounts to 33,657 domain names are .CO.NZ which grew by 15,848, .AC.NZ which grew by 71 and .SCHOOL.NZ which increased by 73 respectively. They also stated that certain second-level domain names like. CRI.NZ and .PARLIAMENT.NZ did not record any change.

Apart from recording growth, the DNCL also stated that they resolved more than 3500 conflicts by allowing a single registrant to register for the shorter version of .NZ domain name.They further revealed that this action had to be taken since only one registrant stuck to the registration deadline.