March 15, 2019

DFI acquires AEWIN to foray into cybersecurity business

The move seeks to bring computing services and network security capabilities together in a bid to build new products.

IT and computing firm DFI have acquired a majority stake (51.26%) in AEWIN, a network security facilitator to enter the cybersecurity market. As per the terms of the deal, DFI and AEWIN will be combining their computing and security prowess to produce new cybersecurity products for enterprises.

According to DFI, enterprises deploying various technologies face obstacles at the network level. This, as per DFI, is because enterprises upgrade their IT architectures with dynamic technologies like the cloud but fail to secure their endpoints completely.

Hence, DFI say that hackers and miscreants find loopholes into the IT architectures of enterprises and deteriorate their networks right to the core. Since this level of exposure to threats needed to be addressed, DFI say that they decided to foray into the cybersecurity market.

By acquiring a majority stake into AEWIN, DFI says that they will be focusing their efforts on building cybersecurity products that will not only seal endpoints but also detect attacks before they hit the surface. They say that this level of detailing, if done right from the hardware level will allow them to attract a wide range of customers in the cybersecurity market.

Steven Tsai, President of DFI states that though computing is their core strength, the services they offer have many applications in the cybersecurity industry. He claims that by combining their services with AEWIN’s network capabilities, both entities will be able to provide a unique offering to enterprises globally.

Industry experts say that the offerings of DFI and AEWIN complement each other and enterprises can expect a different approach to securing endpoint networks. With this deal, one can’t help but reminisce telecom provider Safaricom’s entry into the cybersecurity market, to mitigate attacks on telecom networks.