March 29, 2019

NetFoundry, Cloud Comrade strike an alliance to provide cloud services to South East Asian markets

The partnership aims to enable businesses to become cloud-native and deliver business value as well as security from their applications.

Platform facilitator NetFoundry have struck a strategic alliance with Cloud Comrade to provide secure cloud services to enterprises in Singapore and South East Asia. As per the terms of the deal, NetFoundry will transform enterprises into a digital powerhouse and provide higher business value and security for their applications.

According to NetFoundry, Singapore and South East Asia have witnessed a massive cloud adoption in the last few years. They say that these enterprises keep themselves updated with the latest cloud trends and imbibe new practices to compete in the market.

However, NetFoundry say that most of these businesses still have loopholes when it comes to cloud strategy, process design, cloud deployment and management. Hence, to overcome these obstacles NetFoundry have joined hands with Cloud Comrade to offer a host of end-to-end cloud solutions such as cloud transformation, migration, security and overall management.

Andy Waroma, Co-founder and Co-managing Director, Cloud Comrade states that the partnership with NetFoundry will help them remove obstacles to provide customers with better connectivity options to the cloud. He also believes that with this alliance, countries like Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia can have network access to cloud platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure.

Industry watchers opine that the alliance will pave the way for many enterprises in the South East Asian region to boost their cloud assets. With this move, one cannot help but reminisce NetFoundry’s partnership with myCloudDoor, to implement enterprise cloud solutions.