February 6, 2019

Nubeva, Garland partner to provide access and visibility to deployers of hybrid cloud

The alliance aims to enable enterprises to monitor and control packet traffic in the cloud for those who are deploying hybrid models.

Internet service provider Nubeva have partnered with Garland Technology to provide hybrid deployers with access and visibility to packet traffic in the cloud. With this partnership, both entities will provide network visibility to IT teams managing on-premise and cloud architectures.

According to Nubeva, enterprises need to secure themselves while deploying or migrating to hybrid cloud environments. They say that the rising number of attacks has made it necessary to gain complete access and visibility of their cloud networks.

Nubeva say that their Prisms SaaS platform allows users to acquire, process and distribute cloud packet traffic that will send data to Garland’s high performing network-taps. They claim that their allied solution will enable users to move and test hybrid cloud environments and ensure that packet traffic meets compliance standards.

By striking a partnership with Nubeva, Garland claim that they will enable channel partners to secure their migration to AWS and Azure networks. They further added that this alliance will pave the way for IT teams to effectively manage security threats.

Industry watchers claim that this level of visibility will probably allow more enterprises to migrate to hybrid models. It will be interesting to see how this partnership develops, following the alliance between IBM and Juniper.