February 6, 2019

Nexenta deepens Veeam alliance to provide clients with on-premise and cloud backup

With this partnership, customers will be able to leverage Nexenta’s storage and backup prowess to consolidate data in the cloud and on-premise.

Open source SDS (Software Defined Storage) provider Nexenta have deepened their existing ties with Veeam to support the latter’s backup and data replication capabilities. As per the terms of the deal, Nexenta will allow enterprise customers to consolidate data on-premise and in the cloud by leveraging their software-defined storage prowess.

According to Nexenta, enterprises across the globe that deploy cloud architectures are looking to lower their backup and recovery costs. They say that these enterprises need advanced self-healing techniques when it comes to data.

By extending their partnership with Veeam, Nexenta claim that they will fortify the cloud provider’s product portfolio with respect to data recovery prowess. They believe that with this alliance, Nexenta will allow Veeam customers to replicate information across data centers or to the public cloud.

Speaking about the benefits provided by Nexenta, Veeam said that the former will-

1. Mount backups from their software-defined storage,

2. Provide self recuperating capabilities, and

3. Enable mobility across data centers or to the cloud

Industry experts believe that the alliance will allow Veeam to expand globally with its advanced storage offering. It will be interesting to see how other cloud providers react to this move, following their partnership with Atlantic for business continuity.