January 22, 2019

IBM forges alliance with Juniper Networks to speed up cloud migration for enterprises

The seven-year deal seeks to help reduce costs when it comes to digital transformation in hybrid cloud environments.

Tech giant IBM have entered into a strategic alliance with Juniper Networks to fasten cloud migration for enterprises. As per the terms of the seven-year deal, IBM will be supporting Juniper’s data centers, help desks, data and voice networks to create an agile IT environment for organizations.

According to IBM, Juniper are expanding their footprint in hybrid cloud markets to provide enterprises with data center and data management services. They say that with increasing competition in the market to digitally transform enterprises, organizations have to step up their efforts in order to differentiate themselves from other players.

In a bid to differentiate themselves, Juniper say that they selected IBM as their partner to speed up cloud migration for enterprises, in a USD 325 million deal. They believe that enterprises can leverage IBM Watson’s agility when it comes to cloud transformation and help Juniper drive efficiency and cost saving with a cloud-first mentality.

Martin Jetter, Senior Vice President of IBM Global Technology Services, commented that the alliance will enable them and Juniper to generate more value from the existing infrastructure in a bid to manage business-critical services. He says that they will take a customized cloud approach to simplify enterprise’s transition to hybrid cloud environments.

Experts say that IBM’s ‘Factory Development’ concept, which includes using cognitive tools and automation, will benefit Juniper in the long run. Let’s hope that the deal helps Juniper and IBM reach their business goals, following the latter’s USD 550 million deal with Vodafone to manage cloud services.