April 1, 2019

Rubrik strikes a strategic alliance with Iris for cloud, AI and IoT services

The partnership aims to ensure that Rubrik stay competitive and relevant by providing new and disruptive technologies to customers.

Iris, a provider of cloud services, has partnered with Rubrik to provide enterprises with AI, cloud and IoT services and products. With this alliance, Rubrik seeks to compete with global cloud management brands, keep itself up to date with the latest customer needs and expand across global markets.

According to Rubrik, development in the cloud, IoT and AI sectors have made it mandatory for enterprises globally to upgrade their IT capabilities. They further added that by keeping themselves up to date with these aspects they will be able to compete with enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

By partnering with Iris, Rubrik say that they will be able to leverage the former’s resellers, channel partners as well as product suite that includes cloud, AI and IoT offerings. They believe that this partnership will help them put themselves ahead of their competitors in various markets.

Himanshu Chawla, CEO & Technology Lead at Iris Global states that they are delighted with this deal and are looking forward to working with the tech team at Rubrik. He further added that with this dynamic ecosystem provided by Iris, Rubrik will be able to scale in any market rather quickly.

Industry watchers believe that such alliances are a trend in the industry where one entity partners with the other to boost global presence. This partnership looks interesting and is likely to spur the competition for the cloud, AI and IoT at a worldwide level, especially after Rubrik raised Series E funding of USD 261 million to build new products.